FRP Pipe

Our Yongchang-branded glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) pipes are designed and manufactured according to customer requirements, with various sizes and configurations. We can manufacture pipelines of any specification and pressure, and can be made into composite pipelines such as PVC/FRP, PP/FRP, PVDF/FRP, etc. according to the conditions of use. Our designers can calculate the hoop stress, axial stress, and bending Poisson's ratio coefficient of the product according to your available space, chemical fluid requirements and applicable natural conditions, and then give the product selection, product thickness, and layering. Detailed manufacturing process parameters. All of our designed pipes meet industry standards, such as ASTM D2996-filament wound "glass fiber" (glass fiber reinforced thermosetting resin) pipe standard specification for filament wound pipe

1. What is the difference difference between FRP and GRP pipes

GRP pipes and FRP pipes (short for GRP and FRP) are used interchangeably in the glass fiber pipe industry. FRP stands for fiber reinforced plastic, a term commonly used in the United States of America. GRP is a noun with the same meaning. But it is widely used in Europe and Asia and represents fiberglass reinforced plastic.

2. Advantages of FRP pipes

(1) Good corrosion resistance

Select resin, glass fiber reinforced material and composite material structure for most FRP tubes are considered suitable for chemical applications to provide consistent corrosion resistance. There are still some extreme chemical services, special structures and alternative resins should be considered.

(2) Can be customized for various applications

Yongchang offers long term corrosion solutions and absolute maximum product life in standard fiberglass tubing, custom piping, special manifold systems, piping or chimneys.

(3) Light weight (<20% of steel, 10% of concrete)

(4) Excellent weight strength (stronger than steel on the basis of equal weight)

The excellent toughness of the FRP pipe makes it resistant to resin cracking and cracking when subjected to large design loads. In addition to high fatigue resistance, this toughness is also impact failure during transportation and installation provides a safety factor.

(5) Low friction coefficient (more than 25% higher than steel)

(6) Excellent dimensional stability

(7) Low thermal conductivity (saving insulation costs)

Resist the effects of sunlight and other weathering elements. If the fiberglass tubing is the exterior can be polished and resin-coated or painted under particularly harsh conditions after years of weathering.

(8) Long-term maintenance costs are low

3. Scope of application

FRP round pipes are used in




 Metal production

 Power plants

 Flue gas desulfurization (FGD)

 Pulp and paper milland


The production of fiber reinforced plastic pipe in my country is developing rapidly, the number is increasing year by year, and the scope of application and departments are becoming wider and wider.

We also provide FRP Pipe FittingsFRP Storage TankCable Tray and Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Gas Treatment Tower

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