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Hebei Yongchang Composite Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading frp cable tray manufacturer in China, with strong technical force, first-class equipment and advanced technology. It is the production and development of glass frp cable tray, steel cable tray, polymer composite cable tray, and epoxy resin composite type A professional manufacturer of bridge frames and polyurethane cable troughs, which are widely used in highways, railways, petrochemicals, alkali industries, coal chemical industries, metallurgy, building materials, environmental protection, electric power and other industries. Among them, glass fiber reinforced plastic cable tray has high mechanical strength. It has the rigidity of metal bridge frame and the toughness of glass fiber reinforced plastic bridge frame. It has the characteristics of good corrosion resistance, strong aging resistance, beautiful appearance, convenient installation, and long service life. Widely used in metallurgy and other industries. It can choose bridges of different materials according to the use environment, and combine with various shapes of accessories and supports to form a complete cable network to adapt to and meet various harsh and extreme use conditions.

Selection of cable tray types and varieties:

1. When the cable network that needs to be shielded from electrical interference or protection from external influences (such as corrosive liquids, flammable dust, etc.) is required, the (FB) type trough type composite anti-corrosion shielded cable tray (with cover) should be selected Or polymer cable tray.

2. In a strong corrosive environment, the (F) type composite epoxy resin anticorrosive and flame retardant FRP cable tray should be used. Support arms and brackets should also be made of the same materials to increase the service life of the bridge and accessories, and the cable bridge. It is advisable to add a cover plate in the environment where dust is easy to accumulate and other needs to be covered or outdoor places.

3. In addition to the above conditions, tray type, trough type, step type, glass anticorrosive and flame retardant cable tray or steel ordinary type cable tray can be selected according to the on-site environment and technical requirements. It is advisable to add a cover plate in the environment where dust is easy to accumulate and other needs to be covered or outdoor places.

4. In public passages or outdoor sections of roads, pads should be added to the bottom of the bottom steps or pallets should be used in this section. When large spans span public passages, the load capacity of the bridge frame can be increased or the line frame can be selected according to user requirements.

5. For large spans (>3m), a composite bridge (FB) should be used.

6. The composite epoxy resin bridge (F) should be used outdoors.

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