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Introducing FRP Pipe

Jun. 18, 2021

Introducing FRP Pipe

Most plants have worked with engineers to custom design all FRP equipment. Customizing fiberglass pipe or fiberglass pipe systems is a considerable cost and effort, and it is not always necessary. Standard FRP pipe products can meet all requirements.

With simple designation and selection, this fiberglass pipe is ideal for installing new systems or replacing existing pipes.

Customized fiberglass pipe solutions may require thicker corrosion or wear barriers with different resins. In addition, heavier structural laminates and special glass reinforcement can meet installation and temperature requirements.

Save costs

Faster production and faster delivery

Quick and easy selection of fiberglass pipe

Corrosion resistance

FRP is designed to be "user friendly". Resin, glass reinforcement materials and composite structures provide consistent corrosion resistance for most of chemical applications for which FRP pipe are considered suitable. There are still some extreme chemical services for which special structures and alternative resins should be considered.


The high tensile elongation properties of vinyl ester resin used in pipes impact a superior toughness of the pipeline making it resistant to cracking and cracking of the resin when it is subjected to heavy design loads.

In addition to high fatigue resistance, this toughness also provides a safety factor to resist impact damage during transport and installation.

FRP pipe

FRP pipe

Strengthening materials

All surfaces exposed to corrosive media have "C" glass (chemical grade) veil. FRP used for all subsequent lamination has excellent electrical resistivity, high tensile strength, moderate thermal conductivity and is non-flammable. The basic types of fiberglass materials used; straw mats, woven rovings and continuous yarns, are selected for its physical properties, manufacturing characteristics and chemical resistance of laminate resulting from their use.

Barriers to corrosion

The anti-corrosion layer of the pipe is 100 mils thick and consists of 70% to 80% resin. The high-resin laminated composite material is reinforced by a layer of "C" glass veil followed by two layers of randomly oriented fibers strand mat.

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