FRP Vertical Storage Tank

FRP Vertical Storage Tank

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FRP Vertical Storage Tank

The vertical glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tank or vertical glass fiber reinforced plastic container is made of a non-metallic material with strong corrosion resistance, high strength and long service life. Vertical glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tanks are generally cylindrical, directly set on the base, and the cans are flat or oval. The external shape of the vertical glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tank can be divided into vertical round bottom storage tank, vertical flat bottom storage tank, and vertical cone bottom storage tank.

The wall of the vertical FRP storage tank consists of three layers

1. Liner

The thickness of the inner layer is ≧5mm. This layer serves as an internal support and airtight partition, and is made of anticorrosive resin with good toughness, high elongation, and low curing shrinkage. It is usually a resin-rich layer composed of polyester surface felt and lining resin, with a resin content of >90%. It is an anti-seepage and anti-corrosion layer.

2. Strengthen the layer

It is also called the support layer. The reinforcing layer is made by fiber winding process. The thickness of this layer depends on factors such as diameter, pressure, and safety factor. The non-alkali non-twisted glass fiber winding yarn is used to infiltrate the structural resin, and then it is wound and formed by a combination of hoop and cross. The resin content is 25%-40%. The role is to withstand various stresses and external loads. The wall thickness is determined by our company’s designers referring to the technical specifications and engineering drawings provided by you, using software and databases imported from Italy, and according to the design specifications of fiber-wound glass fiber reinforced plastics, through reasonable and scientific calculations of the hoop stress, axial stress, and The coefficient of bending Poisson's ratio is finally determined.

3. Surface layer

Its thickness is about 0.5 mm. The surface layer is highly anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, and prevents foreign bodies from penetrating. Its resin content is more than 90%. The outer protective layer is made when the last two layers are wound. The outer protective layer is an outer resin-rich layer with a large resin content. At the same time, UV-9 ultraviolet absorbers and anti-aging agents are added to the resin.

FRP Vertical Storage Tank Feature

1. Excellent physical and chemical properties

Vertical FRP storage tanks have the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, anti-seepage, and heat insulation.

2. Good structural performance

The resin system of the vertical glass fiber reinforced plastic tank is optimized, and the wall structure is smooth and non-toxic.

3. Wide application and long service life

the vertical glass fiber reinforced plastic tank can work in the temperature range of -50°C to 200°C, and can store various types of media. Vertical glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tanks can improve the physical and chemical properties of storage tanks and non-standard equipment by changing the resin system or reinforcement materials to meet the needs of different media and working conditions. Adjust the load-bearing capacity of the tank body through the thickness of the structural layer, the winding angle and the wall thickness structure and design, and make FRP storage tanks and non-standard devices with different pressure levels or some special properties. Compared to.

4. Light weight

Vertical FRP tank is a kind of light product, easy to transport and store. The specific gravity of glass fiber reinforced plastic is usually 1.8-2.1, which is 1/4-1/5 of steel, which is higher than the specific strength of steel, cast cast and plastic. The thermal expansion coefficient of FRP is roughly equivalent to that of steel, and the thermal conductivity is only 0.5% of steel.

FRP Vertical Storage Tank Application

Vertical FRP storage tanks are widely used in many industries such as petroleum, chemical, textile, transportation, electronics, water conservancy and irrigation. It is also suitable for various corrosive environments such as acids, alkalis, salts, and organic solvents. 

--Acid-resistant storage tanks (hydrochloric acid storage tanks, sulfuric acid storage tanks, phosphoric acid storage tanks, nitric acid tanks, organic acid storage tanks, fluorosilicic acid storage tanks, hydrofluoric acid storage tanks, etc.)

--Alkali-resistant storage tank

--Brine storage tank, sewage storage tank

--FRP storage tanks for food (FRP vinegar storage tank, FRP vinegar container, FRP soy sauce container, FRP soy sauce storage tank, FRP pure water storage tank, FRP pure water container, etc.)

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