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FRP Cable Tray Provides The Best Solution For Harsh Environments

Jul. 03, 2021

FRP Cable Tray Provides The Best Solution For Harsh Environments

When designing a cable management system for your new or existing facility, consider using fiberglass cable trays instead of traditional materials. Non-metallic cable trays have excellent protection performance in harsh environments where corrosion resistance and long life are important factors.

There are still many people who believe that steel is more important than competitors. It is true. It is no exaggeration to say that steel is more important than fiberglass. However, fiberglass provides the same strength-to-weight ratio, while the weight is only one-third that of steel. This makes installation easier and lower cost. In addition, this weight saving provides huge life cycle cost savings. In addition to corrosion resistance, fiberglass cable trays are also non-conductive and non-magnetic, thus reducing impact hazards.

FRP cable trays for industrial environment

The fiberglass cable tray is durable. Therefore, they are mainly used in harsh environments that will corrode other materials. This includes marine, industrial, chemical and built environments.

Fiberglass cable tray is designed for the quality and performance of long-distance transportation.

Some companies are building new facilities and need to design their safety features from the ground up, while other customers need to retrofit old facilities to protect their assets in the long-term. A factory may be discovering the potential danger of their old steel trays. Advantages of FRP cable tray

Depending on the application, the advantages of using fiberglass cable trays over steel cable trays are unparalleled. Several key advantages of FRP cable trays include:


High Strength

High durability


Flame retardant

Easy to install




Reduce the risk of electric shock

High performance in marine/coastal environments

Available in a variety of resin options and colors

FRP cable tray is also called fiberglass cable tray, and non-metallic cable tray.

FRP Cable Tray

FRP Cable Tray

Switch to fiberglass cable trays

Why switch to fiberglass cable trays? Although the durability of metal trays has lasted for a century, they are still conductive and prone to rust and corrosion. Cable coating technology has evolved to better contain electrical currents, but this does not mean that we should be more tolerant of using what we use to organize the cable itself.

Fiberglass can be used for 25-30 years without deterioration. It is also called "glass wool" and dates back to 1932. It was originally used as a safe, fire-resistant insulating material. The fiberglass as we know it today was actually invented by accident. When trying to weld two pieces of glass together, a stream of compressed air hits the glass piece, turning it into fibers. After years of improvement, this material has also been used for parts of airplanes, cars and boats because of its durability.

The use of fiberglass cable tray system will ensure that your workplace is competitive and safe regardless of working conditions. In addition, they are an investment and will be more durable than most of your equipment, and they can be reused when you are ready to upgrade the equipment.

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