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Acid Regeneration

In the pickling process, most of the steel producers use either hydrochloric acid (in the carbon steel industry) or a mixed acid of hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid (for stainless steel). The waste acid produced is neutralized, discharged or regenerated. Due to the high cost of neutralizing and discharging waste acid and it is not conducive to resource recycling, in order to protect the environment and the survival of human beings, it can recover useful substances and carry out reasonable recycling of resources. It produces environmental benefits and economic and social benefits. Benefits, so it is essential to recycle the acid waste liquid. Glass fiber reinforced plastic equipment is indispensable important equipment in the acid reprocessing system with high quality, high strength and corrosion resistance.

Acid production equipment: waste acid tank, new acid tank, demineralized water tank, venturi separator, acid liquid pipeline, etc.

Gas treatment: scrubber.

Electrical appliances: polymer cable tray, glass fiber reinforced plastic cable tray, phenolic glass fiber reinforced plastic cable tray.

Accessories: FRP grating (ditch cover and operating platform)

Acid Regeneration

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