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  • FRP Cable Tray

FRP Cable Tray

Tray type cable tray is the most widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, light industry, television, telecommunications, etc.

FRP Cable Tray Description

The frp cable tray, also known as glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) cable tray, is an excellent solution for supporting cables in harsh environments. We provide fiberglass cable trays for companies around the world that can withstand adverse corrosive conditions. Our fiberglass cable trays are ideal for challenging marine and offshore locations, oil and gas industries, etc. Due to their long life expectancy, they can provide high quality and reduce life cycle costs.


Advanced Polymer Resin

The polymer resin made use of supplies safety residential properties for our glass fiber wire trays to make sure that they maintain excellent sturdiness and also stamina under continuously altering conditions. We are popular for our pultruded polyester material and also plastic ester material, both of which are fire retardant. If your application calls for outstanding toughness in drastically harsh environments, our vinyl ester resin is your recommended cable television tray material.


Advantages of Fiberglass Cable Tray

Lots of people still approve the sight that steel goes beyond rivals. In fact, steel does go beyond glass fiber. Nonetheless, glass fiber provides the exact same mass-strength-to-weight proportion, and the weight is only one-third that of steel. This makes installation easier as well as much more affordable. Furthermore, this will certainly save life cycle prices. FRP cable tray has corrosion resistance, as well as likewise has good electrical conductivity and also non-magnetic characteristics, so this glass fiber wire tray additionally reduces the risk of electric shock.


Compared to various other materials cable trays, FRP cord trays have the following benefits

1. FRP wire trays are light and also high-strength (the particular gravity is just 1/4 of that of iron trays), corrosion-resistant, aging-resistant, thermal insulation, non-conductive, and anti-static.

2. Resonance reduction as well as sound reduction. The toughness of the glass fiber reinforced plastic cable tray can minimize the resonance phenomenon created by the outdoors.

3. Non-toxic as well as non-polluting.

4. Heat-resistant and flame-retardant. The glass fiber strengthened plastic cord tray has poor heat transfer capacity and excellent temperature resistance. The glass fiber strengthened plastic flame-retardant cable tray is pultruded with flame-retardant material, which can be extinguished on its own.

5. Long life span. As well as it has the attributes of no deformation, no cracks, no dampness absorption, no halogen return, and great quantity security.

6. The cost is modest.

7. It can be made by interlocking the upper and also lower parts, can be interchanged, made use of independently, as well as can be utilized as a flame-retardant tray.

8. Connections such as straight joints, straight tees, and also horizontal crosses can be made according to individual needs.

9. The size and also height are established according to user demands or the specifications of the bridge.

10. FRP cable tray has the advantages of versatile power circulation, practical installment as well as affordable, as well as has been widely used.

There are a great deal of applications in the chlor-alkali market, paper industry, potassium sulfate plant food sector, acid regrowth, pickling market, and chemical fiber industry.


Frp Cable Tray Structure

A complete glass fiber reinforced plastic cable tray consists of straight pipes, horizontal elbows, horizontal tees, horizontal crosses, straight reducers, left reducers, right reducers, vertical outer bends, vertical inner bends and splicing plates, clamps, Connecting components such as brackets.

FRP Cable Bracket
FRP Cable Bracket

FRP Elbow
FRP Elbow

The main types of FRP cable trays

1. Glass fiber reinforced plastic trough type cable tray is a fully enclosed cable tray. It is suitable for laying computers, communication cables, thermocouple cables and other sensitive system control cables. It can interfere with the shielding of control cables and in heavy corrosion environments. The protection of the cable has a good effect.

2. The frp ladder type cable tray is an ideal laying device widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, television, telecommunications, etc. It has the advantages of light weight, large load capacity, beautiful appearance, simple structure, convenient installation, and good heat dissipation and air permeability. It is suitable for the installation of power cables and the laying of control cables.

3. The frp ladder cable tray has the characteristics of light weight, low cost, unique shape, good ventilation and heat dissipation performance, etc. It is suitable for the laying of cables with larger diameters, especially for the laying of high and low voltage power cables.

The flame-retardant fiberglass cable tray is a new type of product made of fiberglass anticorrosive materials by our company. It has the characteristics of high strength, good insulation performance, light weight, reasonable structure, long life, simple construction, flexible wiring, etc . and it has excellent characteristics. The chemical resistance, fire resistance, flame retardancy and sufficient mechanical strength. FRP cable tray widely used in cable laying places of petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electrical engineering and other departments.

Fiberglass Cable Tray Specification Reference

Common specifications, thickness and reference weight of trough fiberglass cable tray

If you have any questions about product parameters, you can contact us at any time!

Specification (mm) Groove/cover thickness (mm) Weight (kg) Specification (mm) Groove/cover thickness (mm) Weight (kg)
50*50 2.7/2.7 1.31 300*100 3.0/3.0 4.8
100*50 2.8/2.8 1.85 300*150 3.5/3.0 5.7
100*100 2.9/2.8 2.4 300*200 3.5/3.0 6.5
150*100 3.0/2.8 2.9 400*100 4.0/3 7.1
200*100 3.0/2.8 4.1 400*150 4.1/3.0 7.8
200*150 3.0/2.8 4.8 500*200 4.5/4.5/3.6 12.1
200*200 3.5/2.8 5.2 600*150 4.6/4.8/4.0 12.6
250*100 3.0/3.0 4.5 600*200 5.0/4.0 14.2
250*150 3.5/3.0 5.5 800*200 5.0/4.5 18

 Common specifications, thickness and reference weight of ladder glass fiber reinforced plastic bridge 

Specification (mm) Groove/cover thickness (mm) Weight (kg) Specification (mm) Groove/cover thickness (mm) Weight (kg)
200*100 4.0/3.0 4.1 400*150 4.0/3.0 6.6
200*150 4.0/3.0 4.8 400*200 4.0/3.0 7.7
300*100 4.0/3.0 5.1 500*150 4.0/4.0 9.1
300*150 4.0/3.0 5.7 500*200 4.0/3.0 10.1
400*100 4.0/3.0 6 600*150 4.0/4.0 9.6
500*100 4.0/4.0 8.5 800*150 4.0/4.5 13.1
600*100 4.0/4.0 9 1000*150 4.0/4.5 11.2
800*100 4.0/4.5 10.4 200*200 4.0/3.0 5.9
1000*100 4.0/4.5 12.5 300*200 4.0/3.0 6.8


Frp Cable Tray Certification

Fiberglass or FRP cable trays are likewise called glass fiber enhanced plastic cord trays, glass fiber enhanced plastic wire trays (GRP) and also non-metallic cord trays. Makers of FRP GRP items first test cord trays and then provide them to the market.
All of our fiberglass cord trays have actually passed UL accreditation, and their features make them outstanding solutions for all profession.
They likewise satisfy the adhering to NEMA requirements: NEMA 12A, NEMA 12B, NEMA 12C, NEMA 20A, NEMA 20B, NEMA 20C, NEMA 20C+.

Frp Cable Trays Application

FRP cable trays are frequently discovered in oil, gas and chemical plants, refineries, offshore installments, and also numerous various other atmospheres. For power as well as interaction wires, glass fiber is a trustworthy solution.Basically demand to buy from these frp cable tray makers, due to the fact that they are qualified to supply clients with conventional as well as licensed cord tray and FRP products. Furthermore, compared with steel cable television trays, FRP cable trays are extra economical and also economical, and can hold up against heavy rainfall, straight sunlight, snow as well as other extreme climate condition without rusting.


Do you need frp cable tray price list?

Our fiberglass cable tray made in China is your high-quality, long-lasting corrosion-resistant cable tray solution. We can easily find the right frp cable tray catalogue for your application here, so if you have any questions or guidance tailored to your project, please contact us.

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