• FRP Backwater Tank

  • FRP Backwater Tank

  • FRP Backwater Tank

  • FRP Backwater Tank

FRP Backwater Tank

Yongchang produces FRP Backwater Tank and other FRP products, satisfying service, continuous innovation, quality first, good service, and are well received by domestic and foreign customers.

Product Description

Specification: DN4000*8000

Medium: RO reverse osmosis water, ultrapure water, raw water, etc.

Material selection: SW901 (produced by Shanghai Shangwei Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.)

The FRP backwater tank is made of food-grade resin approved by the national health and epidemic prevention department. The food-grade resin has very good physical properties and chemical stability, high purity and low impurity content. It can also be made into PP\FRP, PVDF\FRP and other composite storage tanks according to the requirements of treated water. Used in softened water, desalinated water, pure water and high-purity water preparation, sewage treatment, MSG manufacturing, medical purification, softening, deashing and decoloring of sucrose solutions, amino acids and other foods.

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