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Solution of corrosion-resistant pickling equipment during production of refined quartz sand

Apr. 28, 2021

Solution of corrosion-resistant pickling equipment during production of refined quartz sand

The refined quartz sand ore used in advanced glass, glass products, refractories, smelting stones, precision casting, grinding wheel grinding materials and other industries is produced by chemical purification of the original quartz sand ore. It is white or crystalline in appearance.

The pickling process is characterized by quartz insoluble in acid, while other impurities and minerals can be dissolved by acid. The process can produce high purity quartz sand by effectively reducing the impurity content in quartz sand.

General steps of quartz sand pickling :

1) preparation of pickling solution for quartz sand pickling.

2) add quartz sand to pickling liquid to ensure that the acid is covered with quartz sand.

3) quartz sand immersed in acid for a certain time, according to quartz sand yellow skin increase or decrease immersion time. Enterprises with heating equipment, can use heating equipment, can reduce immersion time.

4) recovery of acid and deacidification.

5) dry the quartz sand. After the quartz sand is deacidified, the water should be drained out, and then the quartz sand will be dried in the drying equipment.

6) screening, color selection and packaging, etc.

The glass fiber reinforced plastic conical acid washing tank produced by Hebei Yongchang Composite Material Technology Co., Ltd. has high quality acid resistance, high quality alkali resistance and high quality high temperature resistance. It is widely used in the production of pickled quartz sand. FRP acid storage tank has higher strength, better temperature resistance and acid resistance than the reinforced polypropylene storage tank. The lining is made by adding high wear-resistant material to the resin. The strength and service life are guaranteed. Usually the specifications are 5 tons, 10 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons, and 40 tons.

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