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Installation Instructions for FRP Tank(2)

Mar. 24, 2021

Installation Instructions for FRP Tank(2)

6.3 After the container is filled with water, keep the horizontal tank for 24h and the vertical tank for 40h to check whether there is leakage.

6.4 The flat-bottom container is filled with water after the fine sand pad at the bottom. After the test is completed, the anchor bolt hole is poured, the fine sand filler sand retaining groove and the asphalt sealing groove are filled.

7. Installation precautions

7.1 Pad sand at the bottom of vertical flat bottom container

Full contact with sand at the bottom of vertical flat bottom container is the key factor to ensure safe use, otherwise, it is easy to cause damage at the bottom corner and leakage.

7.2 Process pipe connection

The process pipe connected with the container should be installed with a flange before the noose, to prevent the stress concentration on the container interface flange, causing damage.

(1) To avoid stress concentration after tightening bolts. The tightening force of bolts should be symmetrical and uniform.

(2) Connection with vibration equipment

When the container is connected with other vibrating equipment (such as between the inlet flange and the pump), the flexible connection should be used to avoid long-term vibration and damage to the FRP container.

(3) Connections to large equipment

When the container is connected with other large equipment or when the large container is connected with other equipment, flexible connection should be used to prevent the sinking of the equipment or the container foundation from causing the damage of the interface flange.

(4) Connection of heavy fittings

Valves and other heavy fittings installed on containers shall be supported separately.

8. Instructions and precautions for container use

8.1 Normal pressure capacity

No pressure or negative pressure should be pumped. Air holes should be opened in the process of adding liquid or draining liquid, and should not be added or drained in a closed state.

8.2 The conditions of use specified in the Contract shall not be exceeded

The container is specially designed according to the use conditions stipulated in the contract. Without the permission of the technical department of the supplier, the concentration and temperature of the storage medium should not be changed at will, let alone the type of the storage medium.

8.3 Special accessories should not be installed at will

Unless specifically required in the contract, large accessories, such as agitators, special valves or vibration equipment, should not be installed. If these accessories are actually needed, they should be indicated in the contract to make special design to ensure safety in use.

8.4 Should not be hit or scratched by hard objects

When entering the container for cleaning and maintenance, the operator should wear soft-soled shoes. When using a ladder, all the points in contact with the container should be covered with a quality pad to prevent scratching the surface. When working around the container, prevent the collision of the container with tools, scaffolding and other hard objects

8.5 Keep away from fire

Under normal circumstances, FRP products should not be near the source of fire.

8.6 Maintenance of containers

Fiberglass containers (especially the upper head) exposed to the sun for a number of years, the surface of the fiber exposed phenomenon (underground or indoor such problems do not exist), the application of resin or paint to maintain the method to extend the life of the.

8.7 The user shall be responsible for the quality problems arising from the installation and use of the products not in accordance with the requirements.

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