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Chlor-Alkali Chemical Industry

(1). Brine refining section

The crude brine after the dissolution of the original salt controls the precipitation content of ions. In the manufacturing process of glass fiber reinforced plastic equipment, the lining anticorrosive layer is made of polyester fiber reinforced material, low Ca2+, Mg2+ resin is used as the body material to reinforce glass fiber reinforced plastic products, and the resin is made of vinyl resin.

(2). Electrolysis section

The glass fiber reinforced plastic equipment used in the brine electrolysis section includes: chlorine water seal tank, trap, chlorine water storage tank, chlorine scrubber, water mist separator, high-purity hydrochloric acid storage tank, hydrochloric acid storage tank, etc. The separator adopts PVC/ FRP structure, others are made of FRP materials.

(3). Chlorine gas treatment section

The glass fiber reinforced plastic equipment in the chlorine treatment section includes: dechlorination tower, packing drying tower, chlorine absorption tower (also called bubble cap drying tower), etc. Generally, PVC/FRP composite glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tanks are used.

(4). Chlorine gas and wastewater treatment section

The electrolysis project generally uses PVC as the inner lining and FRP as the reinforcing layer of the structure type composite FRP tank.

(5). In the above sections, the pipes that are matched with the equipment and meet the technological process can adopt PVC/FRP structure glass fiber reinforced plastic composite pipes.

(6). The cable trough in the power distribution system is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic or polymer material.

(7). FRP grating and FRP ball valves are used in each section.

Chlor-Alkali Chemical Industry

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